In Fact, Most Video Marketers Are Doing It All Wrong, And Have The Poor Ranking Results To Prove It.
Level The Playing Field... The average video marketer tends to look at likes, subscribers, views, backlinks, seo and so on, All of that is fine if you are on a level playing field with the target video or channel you're trying to beat, but means absolutely nothing if you aren't. Recently a very well known and very respected full time video marketer connected with me on skype. He was at his wits end. Completely frustrated. He proceeded to show me the url to the video he is trying to beat, gives me the keyword he is targeting and then gives me the url to his own video and asks "what am I doing wrong man?"
Without looking at his video or the video he was trying to beat, I simply fired up my RPI Check software and instantly knew the answer. I opened both videos in my browser and looked... He had far better seo He had far more visitors, likes, and so on. He even had far better backlinks to his video. From his perspective (the pro video marketer) he was beating that other video on every level, yet he wasn't ranking at all. The other guy was beating him without mercy, even though his video listing was garbage compared to the pro marketer. So here is a top level professional getting his butt handed to him by a complete nobody. A person who wasn't a marketer at all.
So I Introduced Him To One Of My Secret Custom Software Tools! And It keeps me at an advantage over almost all other video marketers! I have a pretty big and bold reputation in the 
video marketing niche. People hate it when 
I enter their niche because they know 
I am unstoppable. Once I set my sights on a niche, no matter what niche it is, I end up owning that niche. I go in and basically dominate it so hard that I end up creating multiple accounts that looks like competitors but in reality, it is all me. I Absolutely Swarm The Target Niche. I am able to do this so easily and with so much consistency because I know in advance exactly what it is going to take for me to overtake each individual competitor. There is no guess work. And 100% of the time, the absolute very first thing I do is use RPI Check in order to see what I am really up against. Basically what RPI Check does is determines the authority of the video I am targeting. It tells me exactly what I need to know in order to put myself on a level playing field with the person I want to beat. It pulls data from Moz, then finds it's active social footprint combining multiple social sites that it has a presence on, and then it crunches those numbers for me and returns a result between 0 and 100. 0 means easy to beat, (I have never seen a 100) and 70 means it is going to be a pretty massive undertaking to achieve my goal... Very doable, but it is going to take some time and work. For example, if my video has an RPI of 1 and my competitors video has an RPI of 47, then it doesn't matter how many views, social, backlinks, and seo I throw at it, that guy is still going to beat me. He is going to beat me because we are not on the same playing field.
Now You Know... Now you know how to instantly determine if you are on the same playing field as your competitor. Everything after that is just a rote routine. Just a series of steps and actions just like all of the basic on/off page seo is for ranking a video. None of it is difficult at all... It's all just a simple series of steps. In fact, I'm going to walk you through exactly what it takes to increase your RPI on your channel or any video. Remember though, you are always in a much stronger position if you focus on getting your channel RPI up before you start worrying about any individual video RPI. Example- If you have a video with high RPI but a channel with low RPI, but I have a channel with high RPI and a video with low RPI, then I know I can easily beat you. I know because it is much easier to increase any video RPI when you have high channel RPI than it is to do it the other way around. Ok, so how do you increase your RPI? Simple really. Just do some smart and targeted commenting. Lets say you want to focus your account on the survival niche. Here are the steps you take...

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