I'm a Serious Marketer - Are You?

I've been making a full time IM income since 1996 - care to join me?

So What Is Locustware?

Hi, I'm Cliff,

Owner and CEO of Locustware.com

I have been a full-time professional internet marketer since 1996 - I'm also a software developer and have been creating tools to improve my internet marketing success and income for many years.

I have recently started sharing those tools with a select group of marketing friends. I hope you are now one of them.

This is my 20th year of not needing a job! I love what I do, I'm always excited about our industry, and I feel honored to be able to contribute.

 I have two main marketing focus areas. Email (list building) and Video (affiliate marketing). I'm very proficient at both.I mainly create two product types: Courses & Software.

Most of my own product line is tightly centered around Video & List building.

Please look around the site, check out the software and read the testimonials - written by some serious marketers who, I am happy to say, have become cool online friends.

Fact is that my tactics, training and tutorials have made a bunch of fellow marketers REAL money. This is not 'Pie In the Sky' BS this is the real world of successful Internet Marketing!

Our official ph is: (305) 912-5433 .... Fair warning, no one hears those calls. It will go to voice mail and then hit the support email and the only reply you will receive is via support email if you left an email address we can understand to contact you with. So save yourself some frustration and just connect with us directly via email and we can even take it to live chat from there!