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Locustware Products


Descriptomatic - works great with all the other software in our catalogue. Simply create high SEO description content for one (or multi) video descriptions on auto-pilot.

Tube Ad Rocket - helps you find search term related videos in YouTube that are monetized for Ads. Put your video ad where it will be seen by your target audience. 

Niche Pulse - explore any niche for golden payday search terms to target. Find the weak competition and grab their traffic! Enter your niche search term and let it run! 

Today, I ran a series of keyword phrases in a niche that I've been interested in for sometime. What I discovered in the process was mind boggling! Here's why: I discovered, only with this software, how I could literally go in and overtake and dominate this particular niche for literally dozens of low hanging terms.

Darell L.
Video Marketer

Tube Traffic Scraper - optimize your videos to show up in the 'Related Videos' section of YouTube and get piggy back views from high traffic videos.

vClone Master  - create multiple videos from just one video file with no content penalty from YouTube as they are all unique. Dominate your niche!

VUO Video Upload Optimizer - upload dozens or hundreds of videos to your Channel and Playlists at super charged speed. What a time saver!

Tube Authority Rank for Unlimited High Competition 'short-tail' Keywords in YouTube  on demand. This is the video ranking software you've been searching for.

True Tags  -  You're not yet beating your Competitors because you really don't know what they are ranking for. True Tags will expose their True Ranking Power!

PRI Check ... You can't beat other video marketers until you really know what you're up against. PRI Check Will Instantly Tell You If You're On A Level Playing Field.

Channel Cloner - download all the content from any channel and save to your computer and re-upload to a new Channel. Never worry about losing your content again!