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*Note: There is a "Support" section in our "Legal" page. Be sure to read that before you continue.

This page is updated frequently, so please refer to this page before submitting any personal support request because if the information is here, I will just send you a link back to this page.


Once the price increases at each point, there is no going back for any reason without exception. No holding until payday/pension, no exceptions because you were out of country, internet down and didn't see message in time, personal catastrophe, was visiting the moon and had no communications with earth. It isn't fair to give one person one price and another person another price (even in private). No matter how you justify it in your head to make it alright, I will not agree and I will not make an exception even once. Spare me and you the uncomfortable position that we are both placed in if you ask.

Beginning July 2016 We Have A New Software Licensing System


Below this text area is a deeper discussion about the licensing system in use.

Think of the software program like a brand new car... You go to a new car dealer and he tells you that you can have the awesome new car for free, on the condition that you buy all of your fuel from a single location.

Think of the license as the fuel. You got the car (software) for free, but you still have to put fuel into the new car (license credits) to run it.

You can let anyone drive around in your new car (software), just keep in mind that they are using up your fuel (license credits)

How Your License Works

Your license key works on a crediting system.

Depending on the package you purchased, each license has enough credits to meet the needs specified.

A single credit is deducted from your license each time you run the software.

If you share your software license key, then that person will be using the credits associated with your license. If they share it, then those people will also be using your license credits.

You can of course freely share this software and your license key - But remember, it is your own credits that those you share with are burning through.

Once your license has used all of it's assigned credits, your license key will be automatically deactivated.

You can always purchase additional license packs of various sizes from Locustware.com

Your license code is unique to you - If you share it and then want to revoke access from the other person, we cannot do that for you and have no control over it. Be very careful who you share with.


Multi-User License

If you purchased a multi-user license, it comes with enough credits to last over a year for each user.

Example: If you purchased a 5 user multi-license, then your license will have enough credits to last all 5 people over a year with heavy usage.

You simply send them a copy of the software and your license key.

Stress the importance of not sharing your license key with others.


Expired License

In the event that you (or your team) burn through your license key more quickly than you had intended, go to our site and buy yourself another license key (multiple options to choose from).

In the event that you or your team members inadvertently share your license key with or without your consent, Go buy yourself another key and strongly evaluate your team members to decide who you need to not give your next license to.

License packs are non-refundable.

Do Not buy software or license packs unless you fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions related to your purchase found here as well as on our legal page.

Average Software Lifespan

6 months is the average lifespan of the software we provide.

Version Upgrades

Updates & upgrades are very different.
Under normal circumstances you are entitled to all version updates for free, for example, if your software version is 2.4, you are entitled to any updates up to v2.9 at no cost. If a software is upgraded from version 2.anything to 3.anything, then this is a major upgrade and you are not entitled to free upgrades under normal circumstances.

I Sent You An Email More Than 48 Hours Ago And Have Not Received Any Reply - Are You Ignoring Me?

No, of course not! We respond to 100% of the support requests sent to us. The #1 cause for someone not receiving a reply is because your mail provider has blocked the email reply we sent to you. If you have not received a reply, try using a different email address and resend your request - We'll of course reply again and the message should be delivered to you since you are using a different mail provider. For example, AOL mail sometimes delivers our replies and sometimes they bounce them. Comcast rarely delivers our mail, and even Hotmail bounces our mail on a random basis. So, try sending your support request from a different email provider. (gmail for example)

I Purchased A Product But Didn't Receive It - How Do I Get It?

I sell products through the following processors.

Each of those providers keep track of all of your purchases and make those "thank you" pages available to you from within their site.

So simply go to the appropriate site, use their process for seeing your purchases, and you'll have instant access to your product.

If you still can't find it, by all means connect with me and I'll help you get squared away.

I Purchased Before You Changed Your Site - How Do I Get To That Area?

From about 2010 through the end of 2014 I used a WP based membership site for product delivery on some of my older products.

I have left some parts of that older site in place so that you can still access your older purchases, however those remaining parts will be fully removed by March 1st 2015.

Here is a link to the page you are looking for:

*Remember - That section of my website will soon be gone forever and you will no longer have any access at all to any products you had in that area, so make sure you have them downloaded before the expiration date.

Will Your Software Work On My Computer?

The software I create works on PC only. I do not create MAC software. Additionally, my software works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10 all capable of using .NetFramework v4.5.2 and above. I do not make any claims or guarantee that my software will work on any older versions (vista, xp, etc.) or on virtual servers since a VPS isn't really a PC, it is a server so there is different hardware and configuration from a regular PC unless it is one of the VPS's that I offer since it was specifically designed to work with my software.

It is up to you to decide before you buy my software. If you have any doubts, do not buy my software. You are not entitled to a refund under these circumstances.

I Purchased Software But It Isn't Working - What Can I Do?

99% of the time it is something really simple.

1- Your software was likely wrapped in a zip file when you downloaded it. Sometimes people forget to actually extract the exe file from the software before installing it.

If you install software that has not been extracted from the zip file it will not work.

So, make sure that when you open the zip file, you find and click the button that says "extract".

2- Sometimes your own computers security setup will mess with you.

It's always a good idea to check for "blocked" status.

The way to do this is to (for zip file & exe files) right-click the file, select "properties" and look on the lower right side of the properties screen to see if there is an "Unblock" button. If it's there, click it and then click the "apply" button.

3- Some computers require "unknown software" to be run using administrator privileges. Without running as admin your system will block some aspects of the software, which essentially breaks the software.

So, if the steps above didn't resolve the issue for you, simply right-click the software and click the "run as admin" option in the menu.

4- If fixes 1-3 didn't get you squared away you may actually need to contact me directly for support. - Keep in mind, the first thing I will ask you is if you did all of the steps above, so in your initial contact with me you might want to mention that you tried the standard fixes listed here.

My computer firewall or antivirus is blocking the software - What can I do?

I am unable to troubleshoot 3rd party software.

All of my software is 100% clean. There are no viruses, backdoors, trojans, or anything else that isn't supposed to be there. If you have a software program that is blocking my software you will need to connect with the 3rd party security software vendor for support and assistance on how to work with their system since it is their system that is misidentifying my software.

Be aware that many security programs block software from "unknown" sources. Companies like Microsoft & Adobe are "known" sources. Individual specialized software developers such as myself are "unknown" sources. Your 3rd party security software will usually come with instructions/documentation on how to set new programs as "allowed" that are being misidentified as containing a harmful file.

Do not purchase any software from me if you feel this may present a problem for you.

My Software Tells Me There Is An Upgrade/Update But Never Upgrades/Updates.

When you click the button/link to get a software upgrade/update, the system will download a new zip file to your desktop.

Uninstall the version you currently have and then install the new updated/upgraded version contained in the zip file that was downloaded to your desktop.

I Am Brand New To Internet Marketing - Will You Help Me?

Yes and no. While I am happy to assist you, I do not have time to do your work for you.

At this point in the evolution of the internet there is likely to be 50+ videos on YouTube that give a visual walk-through on just about anything you can think of, including low-mid-high level internet marketing types of things.

Don't know the difference between an addon domain and a sub.domain... YouTube it!

Don't know how to change nameservers... YouTube it!

Not sure what a niche specific phrase means... YouTube it!

Don't know how to upload files or what cpanel or FTP is... You guessed it... YouTube it!

Seriously... YouTube is your friend. It will cut your learning curve down to next to nothing if you just take the time to use it.

I need additional product specific information about one of your software programs or courses - How do I proceed?

If you haven't purchased yet, re-read the sales page. Yes I put in some sizzle, but I'm also very clear about exactly what functionality the software has. - If you need additional clarification, by all means connect with me.

If you already purchased, re-read the tutorial. 99% of the support requests I get are already covered in the tutorial and if you ask a question already addressed in the tutorial it would be redundant for me to say the exact same thing again so instead I'll just refer you back to the tutorial. - If however you have a question not addressed in the tutorial, by all means connect with me, I'm happy to help.

(Note: This guarantee is also posted in our "Legal" page - You are legally bound by the terms on that page when you interact with my site or any products, so please take the time to read it.)

I provide two types of software. Free-ware, and paid software.

Any software you purchase from me comes with a 30 day guarantee.

The guarantee is exclusively and explicitly for the functionality of the software. In other words if the software sales page promised to gather and present certain data for you, then it will indeed and in fact gather and present that data as promised.

The guarantee does not cover your personal success/failure. I cannot be responsible for how you use the software, how effective or ineffective you are in your efforts. Only the functionality of the software is guaranteed, and if you find something broken you have to report it to me and give me 10 business days to fix it.

I do not provide try-ware or trial-ware. Do not purchase any software from me unless you fully and completely understand exactly what the software does and understand that the software functionality comes with a guarantee but your personal success/failure does not.

All software is for PC ONLY. Each sales page also indicates that the software is for PC only. - If you have a MAC and purchase any software, you are doing so at your own risk and are NOT ENTITLED to a refund based simply on the fact that you have a mac rather than a pc because you were made fully aware before you purchased.

I am not responsible for the condition of your computer, how fast/slow it is, how much memory or ram it has. Do Not Buy my software if you are not 100% confident that your computer has enough power to run my software. Your computers lack of power does not qualify you for a refund.

Your health or lack thereof should be considered before buying my software because your current state of health will not entitle you to a refund.

There is no such thing as an accidential purchase. Any purchase regardless of you making that purchase yourself or sending someone else to purchase for you is still held to these TOS.

Once you are issued a license no matter if it came with a software program or you purchased it separately, there are no refunds. If someone else makes use of your license key, even without your knowledge or consent, you are not entitled to a refund or replacement credit on your license. Your individual license key is encrypted and secure, no one can guess it and no one can brute-force it, this means that if your license is being used by someone else without your consent, that is a security issue on your side and is not directly related to the license itself. Misuse and/or abuse of your license key does not entitle you to a refund. Do Not purchase unless you fully understand and agree.

Consider these matters carefully because you are legally bound by them if you choose to make a purchase from me.

Partnering With Cliff

I am always open to potential true/full joint venture partnerships.

Please, never send me your software idea unless or until we have some partnership agreement in place.

When I partner with someone the workload and profit is split 50/50. I create the software product, supporting documentation as required and the tutorial documentation and the partner handles the sales funnel and launch.

I am very limited in time, so please do not be offended if I am unable to accept your joint venture proposal. It doesn't mean that your product idea isn't great and worth a fortune, it only means that I am busy to the extent that I simply cannot take on additional workload for the foreseeable future.

I'm an affiliate, where can I see your complete product line?

I am currently refreshing my product line and will place a link to the official affiliate partner page once I have everything squared away.

If you have moved more than 1000 units combined between JVzoo & WarriorPlus, feel free to connect with me about a review copy of the product you want to promote. Please have your user ID available for verification.

Cliff Are You An Affiliate?

I am an affiliate marketer. Any email or other communication that I send to you should be considered affiliate in nature by default. In other words, if I send you an email I likely have a personal and financial interest in you taking action (a.k.a. purchasing) on what I have presented to you in my email or other communication with intent of profiting financially or by other means.

I Didn't Find An Answer To My Question

Then by all means, connect with me on email or skype. I'm happy to help.

Email: support@locustware.com
Skype: cliffcarrigan

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