Powerful Facts

A.I. Industry Facts You May Not Know

  • All Mainstream A.I. Providers Are Using The Exact Same Backend-Engine.
  • All (with very few exceptions) A.I. Providers Are Charging Insane Mark-up Prices.
  • You Can Cut Your A.I. Costs By 99.9% Easily And Instantly.


Watch This Short Video For Complete Details About The A.I. Industry And Our Very Special Offer.
How It Works

Three Simple Steps To Get The Process Started

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Select Content Type

Decide what type of content you need. You can use one of the pre-written A.I. engines, or use the playground to 'roll your own'.


Starter Text

Give the A.I. some text as a starting point.


Get Fresh Content

In a matter of seconds you'll have your A.I. generated content that the search engines are going to rank you with!

Locustware Team

Meet Our Expert team members

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We are the working class

We are the working class. We need every possible advantage when it comes to ranking in the major search engines.

As of today, those high-priced A.I. products are obsolete. We have had enough price gouging, we have had enough being 'shown' that only the elite and wealthy deserve full A.I. access... We have had enough.

Now we are able to have the same advantages of the big players. We will not be held back by 'big money' businesses who price us out of being able to have the same tools as the big players.

Today We Even The Playing Field.

We no longer accept being charged per word created with insane mark-ups. We no longer accept being told that if you want the 'good stuff', you have to pay more in a silly up-sale.

As Of Today

We take back control. They will never hold us back. Locustware will always provide the big tools without the insanely expensive price tag the big players charge in order to keep the 'little people' out.

If You Didn't Watch The Video - Go Back And Watch It

The A.I. industry is rife with fraud. Half of them charge insanely high prices for no valid reason, and the other half charge low price on the front-end, but trick you so that you have to pay dearly to get any actual value from their product.

Locustware released LocustWriter To Show You The Truth About A.I.

Long Form Writer
AI Long Content

Long Form Content Gets You On The First Page Of Google

It isn't a secret. Go do a search for just about anything and you'll find that in almost 100% of cases, it is pages with a lot of content that are holding those top positions.

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Duplicate Content Is No Longer An Issue For Google

But they will still reward those with unique content above those with duplicate content. AI Makes it easy!

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Improve Text
Improve Text With AI

When You Improve Text It Becomes Unique And More Valuable

AI can easily turn old things new again! We are providing multiple custom formulas that can take a chunk of text and make it like new in googles eyes!

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Make Old Text New Again

There are a lot of situations when we need to get our point across in different ways - This A.I.model can do that for you.

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English Only Makes Up About 25% Of Content Online

No matter what niche you are in, if you start adding additional languages you will open yourself to a whole new audience that absolutely dwarfs all English speaking audiences combined.

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AI Contents
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Produce High Quality Content

From fully fleshed out blog posts, to complete sales letters using known and trusted formulas, all the way to google ad ideas, AI Content section has you covered.

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Article Writer
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Quality Content On Demand At All Times

Doesn't matter if you are a hyper-focused niche marketer, or a blogger who follows the trends of the day. You have unlimited article capacity that few others will ever achieve.

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The Whole AI World At Your Fingertips!

The good folks at jasper call this Boss Mode - We call it playground :-) You can do anything here.

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Produce Pure Power

As an article writer your Bio can push you into incredible new levels. This little engine might change your business forever.

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Questions | Answers
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Need To Know

We all know that getting into googles 'people also ask' section is a massive traffic boost. Now you can take the questions in your niche and feed them to AI to get new, unique, and valid answers.

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About 35 Other Sub-Engines
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All Of What You Have Seen Plus Around 35 More AI Sub-Engines

Every single one of them ready, willing, and able to make your life easier, more productive, and hopefully more profitable!

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Pricing Options

Choose affordable pricing

With locustware software, and the locustware team having your back, nothing can stop you!



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  • No per-word markup
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  • Get your word credits direct
    from source! No mark-up!


6 Month Package


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