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Locustwriter AI

Our Private A.I. Tool Requires No Monthly Subscription
Over 500,000 Words Free
The Same A.I. Engine As All Of The Big Players - But Without The Insane Monthly Fees And Word Limits.

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The Ultimate Article Writing Assistant
The Best Writer In The World, Including AI Writing Tools Are Only As Good As Their Topics.
Google Has Already Told Us That Related Keywords Are No Longer Going To Get Or Hold Ranking Positions.

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Advanced CTR

The number one 'hack' to googles algorithm is engagement. It has a huge impact and our AdvancedCTR software mimics deep-interest engagement so perfectly that your page is 100% guaranteed to move up in the serps!

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Search phrase market share is how you not only rank page one position one in google, but it also how the gurus very quickly level up to ranking for keywords even when those keywords are outside their niche. The key is in knowing exactly which phrases to jump on and which to completely avoid. - CertainRank provides the ultimate shortcut.

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Password Management Software - Hosting sensitive passwords in an online password manager is a huge security risk. Step into professional level password security using our new custom software. No opt-in or registration required. The software does not connect with the outside world at all, and that is security at its finest!

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