Legal Data & Required Compliance

This page contains important binding legal information.

This page is updated frequently, so please refer to this page each time you visit my site or use any of my products to make sure you always agree with our overall TOS (this pages content)

Note: All products are for a single computer only unless otherwise noted on the sales page. - Single install, single use.


1) You cannot afford it

2) You won't do anything with the information/software

3) You think this a business opportunity, because it is not, it is a business strategy. It is designed for serious internet marketers or a software tool designed to achieve a specific task. If you are purchasing only a pdf/video/text tutorial, understand that there are no refunds under any circumstance for that type of product.

4) Our Guarantee Policy I provide two types of software. Free-ware, and paid software. Any software you purchase from me comes with a 30 day guarantee. The guarantee is exclusively and explicitly for the functionality of the software. In other words if the software sales page promised to gather and present certain data for you, then it will indeed and in fact gather and present that data as promised.

The guarantee does not cover your personal success/failure. I cannot be responsible for how you use the software, how effective or ineffective you are in your efforts. Only the functionality of the software is guaranteed, and if you find something broken you have to report it to me and give me 10 business days to fix it.

5) I do not provide try-ware. Do not purchase any software from me unless you fully and completely understand exactly what the software does and understand that the software functionality comes with a guarantee but your personal success/failure does not.

6) All software is for PC only. If you use a mac and buy this software you are not entitled to a refund.

7) If you have a 3rd party security program (antivirus/firewall) that prevents my software from functioning, it is your responsibility to work with that 3rd party provider to overcome their misdiagnosed conclusion.

8) I am not responsible for the condition of your computer, how fast/slow it is, how much memory or ram it has. Do Not Buy my software if you are not 100% confident that your computer has enough power to run my software. Your computers lack of power does not qualify you for a refund.

9) For us to provide proper support, your internet speed will need to be at minimum 1 MB upload and download speed.

10) Your health or lack thereof should be considered before buying my software because your current state of health will not entitle you to a refund.

11) There is no such thing as an accidential purchase. Any purchase regardless of you making that purchase yourself or sending someone else to purchase for you is still held to these TOS policies.

12) Myself and staff only and exclusively speak english. All software is created in english, support will only be given in english. If you cannot speak, read, write english, do not purchase.

13) Memberships: No refunds are available for any membership. You have already used and/or benefited from the product[s]. You can however cancel at any time by going into your paypal account into your accounts recurring billing section and cancel, as well as into the system you purchased from and cancel there as well (for example including but not limited to:,,

14) If you get agitated easily, become frustrated working with your own antivirus, get anxiety when things aren't going your way or need to spend time in a safe space when you get upset. These things as well as related/similar do not entitle you to a refund.

Consider these matters carefully because you are legally bound by them if you choose to make a purchase from locustware.- Please see the support and legal pages for more details.


Most support aspects are covered in our "Product Support" page. However, there are a few important points you need to be aware of because you are legally obligated to adhere to them. In general I offer free product support via email and skype chat, however, there are limits to this. I cannot be expected to provide you with full consultations on any product including my own. Here is an example for clarification of this point... Lets say that some portion of my product requires that you setup a catchall email account on your domain and upload a file to your domain. It is beyond the scope of my support requirements to walk you though how to do these things, or to do them for you. My support is to cover the core process of the software or course material provided. Additionally, if you request phone (or skype voice) support I am not obligated to provide that for any reason, however if I do provide it, you agree to pay $300 per hour for my time via paypal. I will send you an invoice after our call has ended. This is broken down into 15 minute increments.