The Highest Converting ​Targeted Traffic You've Ever ​Had

Tired of ​Struggling To "Be Seen"?

  • ​The single largest problem for all Internet marketers is the ability to get in front of the right people with your offer
  • ​Locustware software suite puts a definite end to that ​problem - Forever.
  • ​I understand that this page is long - It is long because there is a lot of information, methods, and tactics that you have been missing out on.

Hi, I'm Cliff. I have been a full-time online marketer for over 20 years. Today I will show you how I achieved that... And how you can too.

​​I ​Hope ​You ​Can ​Handle ​​A ​Massive ​Stream ​Of ​Free ​Traffic ​To ​Your Website ​​Because​...

​Now YOU can cash in on ​these amazing web traffic discoveries by using the very same proprietary software and cutting edge tactics that ​I use to dominate niches and rake in massive profits... (and ​I do it all while sitting in ​my recliner with a laptop and a can of soda most of the time!)

​These are serious traffic tools for marketers who are ready to get aggressive and tell the search engines who's the boss.

​I met a big-time marketer at an event (I'm on his list) and without any contact after the event, here is a letter that he sent out to his entire list!...  ​I want to tell you about a friend of mine whose name is ​Cliff.

You've probably never seen him, and that's because he's been sitting in his living room in Texas for the past ​several years developing and using creative ways to drive free web traffic to his sites.

When I first found out about his software, I was astounded (like most people)...
I was amazed because I had struggled for so long to get free web traffic, and because I was accustomed to paying a lot of money for my web traffic.

After trying and testing ​Cliff's software, I can confidently say that he is the "real deal" and his software provides a unique opportunity to gain inbound links, improve search engine rankings, and capture traffic from various sources on a scale that no one else comes close to.

I've seen great results (many thousands of visitors) just from using a few of his programs, and I intend to implement more of them.

These are powerful custom software programs and must be used responsibly (children need not apply!), but in the hands of ethical marketers like you and me, they are fantastic tools for building a successful web presence in the midst of a crowded online marketplace.

Beyond that, ​Cliff's support is top notch, and he's an all around good guy (I also had the pleasure of meeting him at a recent marketing seminar). I fully endorse this program, and recommend that you take a look at it right away.

20th October 2020

​Keep reading to discover how ​I get so much traffic...

​My name is ​Cliff, and it won’t surprise me one bit if you’ve never heard my name before...​

But I would be very surprised if you haven't heard of at least a few of my "custom made for marketing" programs.

​Rather than sing the same old song and dance about where I came from and how poor I was as a kid (which would be ​accurate) I would rather SHOW you where I am today and TEACH you how to get here too.

I am a professional, I have generated more money, and more free traffic than most people can even IMAGINE... and I can take you to where I am, but only if you pay attention to the details.

When I mentioned that you may not "know" me, it is because I truly have always preferred to stay "under the radar"... But you can bet your bottom dollar that my software is known by every major marketer in the Internet Marketing industry (even if they can't get their hands on it)... Why? Because I am the biggest and best in this industry at what I do.

I'm not bragging to you here (or at least that's not my objective). My point is for you to know right up front that I did not reach this level by creating substandard tools, or using flaky systems to generate traffic.

​I am known in certain circles because I am THE go to guy when it comes to SE​M and web traffic software [period].

In fact, it would be easy enough for you to do some basic research and find that my software company is one of the largest Internet marketing software companies on the entire internet.


​Enough about my escape from poverty, and enough about who I know and who knows me...

 Lets cut to the chase and get to the real point... 

How YOU can greatly benefit by 'doing what I do' rather than doing what I say.

​If you’ve struggled in any way to improve your life or to get out of a dead-end job, I can relate.

I’ve been there too.

​If you’ve had a hard time creating a profitable internet business, I know your pain. I was there too... but not for long!

Although I had a gift--a natural understanding of online marketing--it literally took me years to create, test, rebuild, retest, and rebuild all of these programs... and now they are already well proven to be the very best that the Internet has to offer.

"Hey ​Cliff, thank you very much for your software, it rocks! I went from having a brand new site with nothing on it to being listed in the search engines within one week, I was on the top 10 on google for over 300 different keywords! This software rocks and I'm glad you do not ​sell it to the general public, it is very easy to use and even easier to implement!

Thanks again ​Cliff for all of your help!"

​Together, Let's save you some time; in fact, let's save you a LOT of time.

​Let's save you the aggravation and frustration associated with figuring out what methods, systems, and strategies will or will not work.

Let's save you tens of thousands of dollars in software research and development costs, and together, let's bring you right to the big show with all of the work already done for you.

Sound good?

If you already have a website, then you've probably discovered how easy it is to get ZERO traffic.

If you want to guarantee that you won't get any visitors, go ahead and keep waiting for them to arrive. All you have to do is NOT take action.

I wasn’t ​going to sit there forever waiting for visitors to arrive while my website went stale.

At the same time, I wasn’t willing to whip out my credit card and become a slave to “pay-per-click,” like so many internet marketers are doing.

What I wanted was FREE traffic and lots of it.

So I studied search engine optimization (SEO) and learned the ropes. I became pretty good at it. The problem was; it takes a lot of time and work to keep your website on top of the search results.

So I started developing ways to make the process easier and quicker.

I could see so clearly the correlation between getting traffic and making money. I KNEW that if I could get enough targeted traffic, I would make money too.

So I quit my job and went all-out in my quest to create a "perfect traffic system."

The Dam Broke.  The Traffic Flooded In.

​Maybe I was able to “think outside the box” because I did come from outside the box. Or perhaps I knew what I wanted (free traffic), and I looked EVERYWHERE for it.

​Along the way, I found MANY untapped and underutilized places to acquire free web traffic (and I still find new ways consistently).

​I created custom software tools to automate the SEM process, as well as specialized tools to "harvest" free traffic from many different sources.

To make a long story short; my tools work. [proof supplied - on a large scale!]

I got (and still get) lots of targeted traffic to my sites, and I’ve made an excellent living on the internet.

My programs are bringing in MILLIONS of free visitors each year and generating huge profits. I don't like to brag about my income, so just let me tell you.  "I have nothing to complain about."

When you're getting the kind of free traffic that I'm getting, you probably won't be able to complain about your finances either.

The Problem Most People Have...: No Traffic

The Solution: This is from one of my own sites. I filter the traffic down to only the highest targeted and most engaged audience... So you are seeing here what most never achieve...

All of those thousands of visits per month are coming directly from search engines (mostly Google).

​When you have more of these traffic funnels (around 100 for me) and you look at those numbers, you start to see the staggering power of targeted traffic.​

For perspective -- I pull in around ​820,000 unique hyper-targeted visitors per year to my offers, all combined.

And All Of It Is FREE Traffic

Again, that's just ​one of MANY websites that get hammered with free traffic continually.

If You Are Going To Make A Full Time Income Online - Be In It To Win It!

  • Are You Asking Yourself... 
    ​How can I get to where this guy is?
  • How long is this going to take me?
  • Am I even going to be able to afford this?
  • You're Asking The Right Questions. ​The answers are simple.
  • You get where I am by doing what I do.
  • How long it takes you is mostly up to you (and google in some regards). 
  • Yes. Yes you can.
  • ​I Am About To Open The Flood-Gates To Never Ending Traffic For You. ​Take it as far as you want, as fast as you want.

​Locustware Software Suite...

​​After years of dominating several niches, and continuing to develop cutting edge tools, I have an arsenal of 2429 40+ (and more coming) custom high-impact software programs that I have personally developed.

Each of which is designed for a specific purpose and has been massively proven to get serious results.

Together these ​40+ tools form my "​Locustware Software Suite" collection.
[Fair warning - I continue to test new traffic strategies, and I continue to build NEW software to automate the strategies that work - and you're getting those too!]

In this game you need to focus on multiple streams of free traffic; otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table

​If you’re only using one strategy (like SEO), or one software program, you’re really not tapping into the vast amount of traffic that flows freely all over the Internet.

Yes, I use every one of my traffic tools, and yes, you too can benefit from each of them. But.  I don’t want you to be intimidated by the sheer number of tools and tactics that I am placing at your fingertips!

Please keep in mind that using just a select few of these tools can drastically boost free traffic to your site. I could live off of the traffic I receive from only ​two or ​three of them.

Furthermore, these tools are push-button simple. Remember, I’m just a simple guy, so I developed programs that were EASY for me to use.

So please do NOT leave this page thinking that any of what I’m about to reveal to you is too complicated, or “over your head,” because I'm 100% confident that you can successfully use these programs.

​It's cliché but.  "If I can do it, so can you."

And that’s the whole concept behind my ​Locustware Software collection. I’ve succeeded tremendously with these tools, and now I want to give the same opportunity to some folks like you who need more traffic for your website.

I’ve put all of my tools together into the​ Locustware Software membership because I want you to have every possible resource at your fingertips to get free traffic from all over the web.

​​I​ HAVE NEVER seen more powerful software for internet marketers in my life! Every piece of software you release is gold. Squeamish marketers beware! This stuff is what creates internet millionaires.

​​​Just wanted to say thank you, thank you. thank you, today I received my very first order, and you would not believe how long I have been trying to get going.

​​There  PLENTY of free traffic on the internet

Here i​s Your ​Solution: ​LOCUSTWARE

​These are highly effective tools and proprietary software programs that I’ve developed, so I can’t reveal all of the details on this page for the entire world to see.

​I will reveal as much as I can, to help you understand exactly what you’ll be getting in your ​Locustware membership. As you will see, some details are reserved for members only, but you will have a good overview of what all is included.

Okay, here ​is a small sampling of the tools that you will receive as a part of the ​Locustware package.

Organic Traffic Platform: This is our flagship software. It has never been sold to the general public and will never be sold that way.

This software is exclusive to members only. No one else will stand a chance against you.

Raw Power: With a few button clicks you can create millions of pages. Many will get indexed and start your traffic flow. (the image I show you of traffic stats higher on the page... That is the traffic from a single OTP... I currently have over 100 of these in place and each one sends me a never ending flow of targeted traffic.)

Domain Commander: The ultimate laser-targeted traffic shortcut.

Use this to pick-up domains that already have traffic flowing at normal domain registrar cost (usually less than $10)

Raw Power: Using this software you get to choose where you want the traffic and backlinks coming from! Need authority links/traffic, select Wikipedia, Quora, and Reddit. Need traffic/backlinks from social sites? select Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Language Commander: Get your offer converted into over 100 different languages and see what happens!

Pick any page... Click a few buttons, watch it get translated to over 100 languages. Start pulling targeted traffic from people local and global who would never have seen your page before.

Raw Power: Doesn't matter if you are a local marketer, global, or an affiliate. You can now easily tap into a gigantic new traffic flow with a few button clicks.

Keyword Question Commander: Get your longtail keywords ranked on the first page of Google inside of short-tail keyword results!

Do a google search for something like: Diet -- On the page one results you'll see a set of longtail questions. You can rank for those things all day long, with almost no work involved!

Raw Power: Type in your best short-tail keyword... Get a set of longtail keywords back. Those long tails will rank for that short tail search term... Welcome to the world of Enormous traffic volumes!

Tube Authority Commander: Want to Explode your presence on Youtube and pull in traffic on an epic scale?

The TAC software will force your Youtube account to become an authority in your niche!

Raw Power: Once you hit authority status, doors begin to open that you didn't even know existed. Become an Influencer Fast!

Information Overload: This page will become so long that it is going to become unloadable if I keep adding individual examples.

I'll just show you our software control panel and a few random other programs so that you can see the rest!

Raw Power: Every important tool you need to make sure your traffic is through the roof! What you are seeing right now is All Custom! - and there is a lot more!

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“​Thanks for all you do and your generosity and service. I always feel that I get more than my money's worth from every product and service you provide.”

“​I am having a lot of fun using it, and my site is starting to show up on the first page of Google. .I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this phenomenal application with me."

“​After a few hours of using it, I can see traffic coming. That's real traffic, and the possibilities are endless."

​"If you want to increase your traffic, (​Locustware) is A MUST. I have never come across anyone in this wonderful biz as creative and imaginative as you are. Or as quick to respond to support questions."

“​​Once the word gets out about what this software is doing for people, smart marketers will pay the ticket even at $400 a month.”

“​​I watched the tutorial video, did what it said. It worked perfectly, and I have sent out three campaigns without a hitch. The software is incredible & easy to learn. You may use this email in any of your ad campaigns!"

“​​​At first my wife scolded me for committing to a membership. Now she considers it as important as paying utility bills! - Thanks man!"

Welcome to the ​BIG SHOW - Your Marketing Will Never Be The Same!

​I can assure you that every one of my ​custom tools is 100% legal, and you have nothing to worry about in that regard.

These ARE very powerful tools, and they must be used responsibly (don't worry. I'll instruct you how to use them properly. it's easy!).

I know that some of my descriptions of the tools above are pretty vague, so let me make one thing clear. I do NOT create spam tools. I only create ethical marketing software that I use to generate traffic to my sites using creative methods.

I do often use various forms of automation (this is one of the keys to leveraging your success as a small business owner), but I do not abuse any company or individual services by becoming a burden on their systems.

Again, I just wanted to get that out of the way so that you don't think we're doing anything shady here!

And if you ask me whether it's "black hat," "white hat," or whatever.  I will tell you it is NO HAT. These are merely marketing tools that can be leveraged to gain web traffic from various sources on the Internet.

The software cannot be classified as any color of 'hat.'  Only the user can wear the hat, and the software will do as it's told. If you are a spammer, you will abuse these tools, and I will have you blocked out of this system before you can even make your first sale. And yes, I do watch that closely. [By the way, I have NEVER had one of my sites black-listed]

Bottom line: If you want free traffic (and lots of it), this is how to get it!

​You already know that having the tool is only part of the equation. In order to increase your odds of success as high as we can possibly get them, we almost uniformly provide video tutorials, written tutorials, live support, and a thriving community of marketers who are happy to jump in and help you build and keep momentum.

Sure - It's Your Business... And We Provide The Team You Need!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

  • ​Get backlinks to your website "on-demand."
  • ​Improve your search engine rankings.
  • ​Create floods of traffic from various sources.
  • ​Stay ahead of your competitors.
  • ​​Pass competitors who are currently on top of you in search results.
  • ​​Automate marketing tasks that normally take hours or days.
  • ​​Target your niche audience to get qualified visitors.
  • ​​​Increase your affiliate commissions.
  • ​​Create windfalls of profits from product sales
  • ​​Send your customized advertising messages to every corner of the web.
  • ​​Build a long-term traffic stream coming from multiple sources..
  • ​​Stay ahead of the curve and pounce on new traffic opportunities.
  • ​​Keep money in your pocket by cutting back on PPC and other paid traffic.

If you want more traffic, higher search engine rankings, and a higher level of success online, these ​are the custom ​tools that you need.

I will continue to add more tools as they are developed. As a member of ​Locustware, you will have exclusive access to my "laboratory," and you will get to use new traffic software programs on the bleeding edge as they are developed.

I'm not going to keep anything hidden from you. When I create new tools for myself to use, you'll get to use them too.

Trust me, I’m addicted to this free traffic game, and I’m not going to stop creating new traffic tools. I’m going to keep tapping into new resources, and exploring uncharted territory to get more free traffic to my websites. And as I do, you can do it along with me, because you’ll have exclusive access to each new program that I develop.

In other words, ​Locustware has more than ​40 tools. It’s a full pass membership access to my entire software development, support team, community of marketers, and all the traffic tools we create.

A ​Bit More ​ to Prove it Works for Real People...

“​I've been using your programs for several years. But, I'm continually surprised by the positive results I get from them."

“​...I immediately noticed that I was getting several visitors a day directly from that link. Even more impressive though was the increase in the frequency that search engines from all over the world are spidering my site every few hours primarily because of the links I've gotten from this one simple program."

​Cliff At Work

Creator of [Locustware]

On a personal note, I took up woodworking as a hobby... Here's my latest creation!

About the Author

​As you can see, my new ambition is to help people like you become successful online business owners by helping you get more traffic to your websites.

I'm now playing this game for more than myself. It would be straightforward and simple to remain an "underground" marketer and silently conquer my niches. I certainly don't need to become well-known to make money.

I don't aspire to be a "Guru." But at the same time, I DO want to help people.

I spent a big part of my life in the oil fields of Texas, so I still well remember the pain of servitude to a boss.

I wanted nothing more than to make a better life for myself and my family. And now that I've achieved it, the freedom I feel compels me to share it with others.

I know that you probably don't work in an oil field as I did, but maybe your "oil field" is an office job. Perhaps your oil field is a retail job, a factory job, or a corporate job.

Whatever YOUR "oil field" is, I want to help you get out of it by handing you the keys to a successful internet business.

Or perhaps you've already taken that leap of faith, and you're running your online business full time.

I applaud you, and I'd hate to see you end up like over 90% of small businesses that fail.

I want to help ensure that you beat the odds. I want to ensure that your business thrives, and to succeed on the internet you need TRAFFIC.

​I think it's pretty clear that my ​tools are for ANYONE who is trying to make money online, but in case there's any doubt about whether this is for you, please take the following test.

Please check all that are "YES".

Do you have a website?
Are you an affiliate marketer?
Are you an local marketer?
Are you an product creator/seller?
Do you ever pay for traffic? (for example, pay-per-click or pay-per-view)
Are you building a list? (or planning on building one)?
Do you want more free traffic?
Do you have your hands in a bit of everything?

​If any one (or more) of the above statements applied to you. You NEED web traffic! If you checked ANY of the boxes above, ​Locustware is definitely for you.

​Wonder how other people feel after choosing Locustware?

​These software's are excellent because I can use them for any niche, for my hosting business or to increase my affiliate commissions.

​I want to Underline the great job you are doing by providing regular updates; you always care about improving the power of these incredible tools.

​Everyday I check to see if something new has been released because I know when you launch new software, it's one more powerful weapon I must use to go a step further in my business improvement.

The decision is yours alone. Keep doing what you are doing, and nothing will change for you, or take action and get an all-access pass to the most advanced custom marketing software programs on the Internet.

FACT- If you want a different result, you must take a different action!

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Here's what almost every other software seller avoids like the plague... What is really under the hood. They avoid it because they not only never actually used the things they are selling you, they are usually simply churn-n-burn marketers plopping out garbage as quickly as they can with their only true motivation being to relieve you of the money in your pocket.


The Pros List

  • ​YOU are in absolute control of your own traffic flow.
  • ​I build every single software in Locustware. No third-party developers.
  • ​I continuously update or replace our software as needed... After all, I use it too.
  • ​I build software that has a specific job and it does that job exceedingly well.
  • ​I provide live support with staff that has been with me for years
  • ​​My support team and community are all professional marketers.


The Cons List

  • ​Other sellers f​arm out jicky software to push on the masses and have no control over it.
  • ​99.999% of these guys have never even used the software they are selling you.
  • ​They throw everything into the mix they can think of in order to get you to buy - with no concern that most of it is useless or poorly coded.
  • ​They either provide no support or farm it ou​t to the lowest bidder who knows nothing about the product they are supporting.
  • ​They have no team. At best they have JV partners.


​I have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of helping people hammer their websites with massive amounts of traffic, and snatch top search engine spots quickly. Will you be the NEXT to get a piece of that action?


What You Get​​ ​

  • ​First of all, this page is painfully long and you made it this far, so I am going to give you a custom keyword tool as a simple reward for reading this much!
  • ​You get a team of professional marketers providing support for you. These amazing people have been with Locustware for years.
  • ​You get access to our extremely active community consisting of internet marketers at every stage from brand new to multi-six-figure earners. All sharing methods, tactics, techniques across the board.
  • ​You get ALL Locustware software... All existing and all future software.
  • ​You get your software in your control panel before the rest of the world even knows it exists!
  • ​You get perks and bonuses in general. Point in fact, we are working on a full-scale learning center that professional coaches charge a fortune for. As a Locustware member, you'll be getting full access for free.

​Until I started using your software I had few if any visitors on my page, but since using just 3 of your amazing products​, I have been able to capture more unique visitors in one day than in 6 months using traditional methods.
Than​ks and keep up the great work.

​"4155 visitors in two days."
Just wanted to let you know that I ran [​REDACTED] for two days and then checked my stats. I had 404 hits the day before, and it went up to 1923 the first day and then 2232 the second day.

I can't get over how well this program works.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get ​the traffic volume you expect by​ your fourth day, just ​cancel your trial and we'll part as friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Any option for a one-off payment?

​Antivirus | Firewall... Am I safe?

How ​long is average for support reply?

​Do you provide training webinars?

​​If I cancel, can I still use the software?

​Is there any sort of contract?

​​I want to come back - Can I?

​Do you teach me how to make money ​?

​Should I spend my grocery money for this?

​Do you offer a free trial?

​"What I have noticed is that my CTR has gone from 4-6% up to over 10% and my daily Adsense earnings keep climbing."

​"I can't believe how incredibly different the software got. It grew up! And the features you've dreamed up are ingenious, like the very small touches. I'm proud of and impressed with your accomplishment, and I'll eat crow." (this was a person who purchased my software intending to give a bad review.  that didn't work out for him :-)"

​I have been using ​Locustware for the past week now and wanted to reiterate my initial findings that this piece of software that you've created is truly awesome!

Very powerful software. The answer to the 'how to get targeted traffic?' problem that faces every webmaster.

This is a second-generation traffic generating system that is light years ahead of whatever is in second place.

I want to say that apart from you providing an excellent product, you have gone that extra mile for all of us. When the history of the web is written, I believe your name should stand out there among the greatest pioneers of the internet and more important; one who cared."

P.S.: ​Locustware does not use fake scarcity tactics or silly fake pricing scams that are so common on the internet today.​

In fact, as you look through this page, and at the pricing, it is fine for you to know that the price has been increased 4 times over the course of the past 5 years.

We are just like any other business in that regard... Prices must go up over time to keep the model viable and functioning.

Yes. Another price increase is coming, but ​I do not have a set date for that yet, so we wont cover it here other than to say that the pricing will increase from $77 to $97.

Point In Fact... Right now is the lowest price you are going to see, and it only goes up from here.

I will note that once you get in at any set price point, you become 'grandfathered' in and you are not affected by price increases unless you allow your position to expire. At that point you would lose grandfather status and be held to whatever the current pricing is.

​I can't believe that you are selling it publicly

​Thank you for the software. I can't believe that you are selling it publicly. Now that I understand exactly what it does, and how it does it, I think this must be one of the best buys I have ever made for my business.

​The possibilities are INCREDIBLE!

​Do you have any idea of how little sleep I got last night? I finally went to bed at 3 am and was back up at 4:30. My mind just won't quit coming up with ideas. The possibilities are INCREDIBLE! Wow!!!


​You are a breath of fresh air in that your responses are faster than any other marketer or software seller I've ever purchased from.
​Thanks for the new software; I am staggered at the amount of work you have done and for the way in which you have handled the whole issue of 'client care'.​

You have surpassed my expectations; rest assured, I will always have faith in what you do and offer, in the future.​

You are the best, give yourself a big pat on the back (I would do it myself only I can't reach you from Australia​) and give yourself a pay rise. You most certainly deserve it!

​Okay Then - Let's Get You Squared Away!

​​This membership puts you on the cutting edge of web traffic technology and keeps you there! I have several VERY HOT programs in the works that I can not tell you about.

However, I will tell you that they will bring swarms of free traffic and some of them will be powerful enough for many individuals to make a living just by using them.

As you can see, this is the most comprehensive collection of ​marketing software ever released.

With all of the custom-built software, support, and instructions provided to you as a member, there will be no excuses for not making money online. Seriously. If you're not able to generate web traffic with all of the tools I'm providing to you in this collection, then you're probably in the wrong business.

If you've read this far, I can only assume that you want more web traffic. And I'm guessing that the question on your mind at this point is.

How much is all of this going to cost?

I faced a tough dilemma when I was deciding how to price the ​membership package. On the one hand, I was hesitant to even go through with this.

I looked at ALL of the tools I include in this program, and I thought to myself... "I've worked hard for the past ​several years to build this empire of traffic tools, add to it, and to keep them all updated. Do I want to make it THIS easy for people to obtain my entire arsenal?"

But I didn't entertain that thought for very long. After all, my goal for this program is to help people like you get more traffic to their websites.

So my next thought was.  How much should I charge?

I look at these traffic machines, and in my mind, I see the thousands of man-hours that have been spent developing them. I also see the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars that were spent developing each of them.

And I also see their potential to make a significant impact on your business, because I know first hand the power of the traffic that they generate.

Other traffic programs run a wide range of prices. I've seen "traffic coaching" and workshops sell for as much as $25,000.00 recently. I've seen traffic information products (workbooks, CD's, etc.) sell for $500.00 to $2000.00 or more.

Individual traffic-related software programs most often sell for $97 to $197 or more (much more in some cases).

So considering the massive amount of traffic-generating tools and materials in my Web Traffic Machines collection, I hope you would agree that a price of $​2,797.00 would be more than fair.

I know that I could charge that price, and I would sell out my 300 available slots.

However, I remember what it's like to be in the oil field. I can still smell it. And I know how sweet it is to break free and become a successful business owner.

That's why I want to make sure that the ​Locustware program is affordable for those of you who are still getting started, particularly if you don't have a lot of excess money to invest in your business.

So I came up with the truly most affordable plan I possibly could. When you see it, you might think it's a joke because it's less than you would typically pay for just ONE ​mass-produced software.

But rest assured, it's not a joke.

Right now (if you're quick and make it into the membership), you can get all of this.

All of this for only $​77!

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This Is A Complete Aside And Not Tied To Your Membership In Any Way... I Just Want To Make You Aware.

As you have already determined, with all of the custom marketing tools you'll be getting today, you are going to have a lot of options to play with!

"Play With" being the operative word. What do you do once you settle in and have selected the tools you want to use?

The Problem:

The problem that a lot of people run into that they weren't expecting is that because of the nature and power of these tools, that take up a fair amount of system resources. This means that your PC is going to be busy, and it is going to be working harder than it has ever likely had to work. Work means wear and tear.

How is your internet speed? That is going to play an important role as well. Since most of the programs are doing things on the web for you, that means they are eating up your bandwidth.

The Solution:

Fortunately there is a very simple and powerful solution for those who choose it. Imagine having a second computer. A computer that has super fast internet speed and is designed specifically to run Locustware software programs (although, it is simply a powerful windows computer and you can run whatever you like on it).

Give Yourself The Total Internet Marketing Advantage

  • A Super powerful remote desktop PC to do all of your marketing on
  • Ability to run any/all internet marketing tools/software that you want
  • Remote access/login from almost any device
  • Each solution provided below comes standard with its own set of perks
  • LocustWare has the solution to fit your needs

Access Your Remote Desktop Computer From Almost Any Device


Basically It's Windows Computer OS In The Cloud

This allows you to run any/all of your software with dedicated cpu power and ram just like your home PC, except with ultra-high speed internet.

  • Dedicated IP address
  • 50 gig SSD HD (super fast)
  • 2 gig Dedicated RAM (this is actually overkill if you understand RAM)
  • True Unlimited/Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 100mb Internet Speed (this is the fastest you have ever had)
  • Unthrottled 4 Cores (true quad core processor fully dedicated without limitations)
  • Remote login - login from any device that allows remote desktop connections. PC, Mac, Tablets, Phones
  • Run any/all marketing software on it that you want. Completely under your control just like your computer at home

Make no mistake. Most places that sell similar packages may 'look' pretty but you aren't getting anywhere near what they promise you. Take them to task, show them what we are offering and watch them squirm!

I am telling you all of this because you are going to be presented with an opportunity to get yourself one or more of these powerful remote computers!

After you click the 'buy' button above and secure your membership, you will be offered a very exclusive and very discounted opportunity to include one or more remote desktop computers to your purchase.

You do not 'have' to take advantage of the offer, but I do highly recommend it if you are financially able to do so. It will make a massive impact in the amount of work you can get done in a way by simply clicking a few buttons!

DISCLAIMER: The details stated above are my personal results. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing internet marketing and software development for over 20 years. “How to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please Do Not Purchase.

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        Our software is designed for Windows computers.