Don’t Get Stung By YouTube’s Insane Flagging Rules...

Attention YouTube Marketers!

“Protect Your Priceless YouTube Video Library From Insane Flagging Rules - Or You Risk Losing Everything You’ve Ever Uploaded to Your Channel!”

PLUS  -​​You'll Find Out How You Can Make BIG Money Helping Others Do The Same!

The ONLY Way To Back Up Your Entire ​​YouTube Channel With A Few Effortless Clicks Of Your Mouse...

​Check This Out...

  • YouTube can suspend or terminate your account for any reason.
  • Malicious flaggers (your competitors), glitches with YouTube’s system, and malfunctioning bots can hurt your business and cost you thousands.
  • Download your entire channel for secure backup in a single session.
  • Even if you don’t have access to your account right now, save the best versions of all the public videos to continue making money online elsewhere.
  • Without protection you are completely exposed to potentially losing everything that you have spent years building. Nothing is worth that sort of risk.

​Meet The Developer

​De​veloped by a​ 20 Year ​Market​ing Veteran forVideo Marketers...

Hi, my name is Cliff.

I’ve been doing internet marketing for over 20 years, since 1996 in fact.

Locustware Vidripper came about like a lot of the software I make: I designed it when I couldn’t find other software to do what was needed. ​That’s why I make a big deal about providing legitimate value over the long haul.

I’ve got 20+ years of skin in the game in this industry and I'm not going anywhere. I actually designed this software myself. I didn’t hire someone else to do it. That also means my team knows the software and can quickly help you anytime you feel stuck.

​No One Is S​afe Unless They Have A Backup Plan

​If you make money online, it’s no secret your video library may be the most valuable thing you own. If anything were to happen to those videos, it would cost you YEARS of your life re-filming them all to replace the ones you’ve lost, not to mention thousands of dollars in the meantime!

Now, you may think just because you follow the community guidelines and don’t participate in copyright infringement, your channels (and all your videos) are SAFE – Unfortunately, you’d be wrong!

In fact, your competitors can maliciously flag your account for no reason whatsoever, and YouTube’s “M.O.” is to suspend and terminate your account without provocation. One day, you wake up and everything you’ve worked for is GONE without a trace.

As the millions of people who have had their channels terminated can tell you: it’s not “if” you get suspended/flagged, it’s more like when.

Are you starting to get the picture?

It’s Time to Put an End to...

  • Uncertainty from glitches and “flag-storms” on your channels
  • Not KNOWING tomorrow whether you’ll wake up to a termination notice
  • Simply having only one copy of your videos (on YouTube alone)
  • Your business being vulnerable to changes of policy, bugs, and “haters”
  • Without protection you are completely exposed to potentially losing everything that you have spent years building. Nothing is worth that sort of risk.

​​​Our ​"Point and Click" Software Let's You Protect Your YouTube Account, Spy On Your Competition, and ​Build Your Bank Account - All At The Same Time!

Quickly Back​ Up You Own YouTube Account

Vidripper lets you:

  • Download the highest-quality versions of your videos directly onto your own safe hard drive, ensuring the videos you’ve spent so much time and money making always remain in your possession.

  • Get the full resolution 1280 x 720 thumbnail images

  • Create a complete overview of your channel, including video titles, tags, views, likes and number of comments.

  • Provide your own URL’s to grab specific videos and keep your database updated.

  • Grab all of your hidden videos, the private content you haven’t yet released to the public directly with the Vidripper login tool.

​Easily Perform I​nstant Competitor Research

It’s a simple fact, competitive research simply isn’t fun! It would take you hours to go through all your competitor’s videos, grab their titles, cut and paste them into a document, find all the tags and put them into the space below… Cut, paste, cut, paste…

Don’t you have better things to do? How are you going to grow your channel when you’re bogged down with these tedious tasks?

With Locustware Vidripper, you can get all that information with only a few clicks of a button. Thumbnails, video titles, tags, and even likes, number of comments and views for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Of course, if you want to go even further, you can even download all your competitor’s videos.

​Make Money Offering Video Backup ​as ​a Service

If you run an agency, or make your money by helping other businesses at all – you already know you can make more money from the same customers by offering more services. Vidripper is a no-brainer for an additional service you can offer.

That means this is the software that literally pays for itself with one extra job! And it’ll literally only take you a couple clicks to earn your keep, since Vidripper does 99.99% of the work for you!

​So, if you're looking to add ​an additional income stream to your business... look no further!  

​Ready To Protect Your Most Valuable Marketing Assets – Your Videos? Select Your Version And Download Today!

  1. ​​Use VidRipper process as 'the offer' on a lead gen report.
  2. Include video account backup as a value added service in your existing local business.
  3. Use VidRipper as a 'door opener' to reach old or new prospects for your local business.
  4. ​Offer full backup services on Fiverr and similar sites.
  5. Offer full competitor video analysis as a service.

Simple, fast and effective ​




  • Html SEO Intel Report For Any Channel
  • Download High-Quality Thumbnails
  • Download High Quality Videos
  • ​Make Money Helping others
  • ​Competitor Research

This option disabled for launch - The big pro version is cheaper during launch than this version will be after launch - And the Pro gives more options.

* Windows Computers ONLY.


Simple, fast, effective ​AND powerful 




  • Html SEO Intel Report For Any Channel
  • Download High-Quality Thumbnails
  • Download High Quality Videos
  • Make Money Helping others
  • Competitor Research
  • ​YouTube login ​to capture all videos
  • ​​Use Your Own Custom List

Reverts to normal $127 price once this launch ends.

Right now is the lowest price you'll ever see for it.

* Windows Computers ONLY.


We stand behind our products 100% and guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any of our products because there is an error in our software or the product does not perform as described, simply let us know and we'll issue a 100% refund of your purchase in accordance with our customer agreement. 

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Everyday I check to see if something new has been released because I know when you launch new software, it's one more powerful weapon I must use to go a step further in my business improvement.

Anna Olson 

​Internet Marketer


​"I want to Underline the great job you are doing by providing regular updates; you always care about improving the power of these incredible tools."

Emma Stewart
​Online Business Owner


​“​I've been using your programs for several years. But, I'm continually surprised by the positive results I get from them."

J​ohn Moore
​Online Entrepreneur


​​"Give Yourself a Massive Marketing Advantage! Watch Your Competition Shoot in the Dark While You Move with Swift, Concise Action and Take Complete Control!"

​​With my secret software, you'll learn how to rank for high traffic, high competition keywords using this special software and a little "know how".  PA Checker will instantly show you the power rank of any of your videos as well as your competitors.

This is a must-have tool for any video marketer!


​Get Paid To Use Your New Video Ripper Software!

​In addition to protecting your own valuable Youtube channels videos, you can make money offering YT Account protection as a service!

A friend of mine (Matt G.) is a local marketer who was recently talking about how he has added it as a video backup service to his existing list of local services he provides. He said he's getting close to 80% conversions on his existing client base!

Jarred H. chimed in on the conversation and said he is using it as a loss-leader. In other words, he is reaching out to potential clients, explaining how dangerous it is to not have your video inventory backed up, and offering to do it for free.

This is getting his foot in the door with a lot of new clients that never responded to his previous paid offers.

Once he does their initial video backup and sends them the auto-generated html report, he offers to do a competitor analysis to expose any missed opportunities for the local business.

Boom - Converting free customers into paid customers with near zero effort!

Michael M. has let us know that he's gearing up to run it as a gig on fiverr after having tested a bit with some of his existing fiverr customers.

Marcy W. let me know today that she is working on a little report on how to do the process manually to use as a lead-gen offer, and then follow-up after the optin with an offer to do full account backups for $47!

So it doesn't matter if you are a local marketer like Matt or Jarred, or a global marketer like Michael and Marcy. The fact is, you can get paid for just running this software for other people!

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*Disclaimer: I have no crystal ball! I cannot see into the future, and I do not posses any magical powers that I am aware of. For these reasons, I cannot in any way guarantee that you will ever make a single penny on the internet. This is a business productivity tool. No more or less. As with any business of any type, there is always the risk of financial loss. Do not under any circumstances spend any money here if it is not true disposable income.