IIM – Interim Income Model Tutorials

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Full Tutorial Walk-through


IIM Initial Setup

Interim Income Model Initial 6-Figure Setup Process

Step One: Watch the Main Tutorial Video
Step Two: Select an Email Autoresponder Program
Step Three: Download Email Series
Step Four: Upload Email Series into Autoresponder
Step Five: Apply for Associated Affiliate Programs
Step Six: Replace Links in Emails
Step Seven: Select Offer to Promote

IIM Fast Funnel Deployment


IIM Lead Capture


IIM Pre-made Email Series

Note:  not all funnels in your IIM dashboard will be in the email series.


All of the above email series include offers to many different products. You will need to sign up as an affiliate for all of these products. To make this easier, we have provided a link to a Google Sheet with all the links to apply for these products. This is fully explained in the following video and you will find the link to the Google Sheet below that.

Link to Google Sheet


IIM Traffic Solution